Cheapest Places to Get Passport Photos Near You

Traveling is an exciting adventure, but it often comes with a myriad of preparations. One such requirement for international travel is the passport, and for that, you need a proper passport photo. While many places offer this service, the costs can vary widely. So, if you're on a budget, finding the cheapest places to get passport photos near you can be a boon. Let's delve into your most affordable options.


1. Pharmacies:

First up, drug stores.  The big chains like Wally World CVS, or Rite Aid have passport photo setups.  Their prices are usually decent, plus they're all over the place so you can likely find one near you. 


2. Big-Box Retailers:

Next, think big box.  Mega stores like Walmart or Costco offer all kinds of services in one stop passport photos included.  Especially if you have a Costco membership, you can get way cheaper photos there compared to other spots.


3. Postal Services:

Some of the larger POs in big cities or towns have passport photo services since they know all the requirements.  Double check on pricing and whether they actually offer it before you go.


4. Local Photography Studios:

Consider local photography shops.  While they sound bougie, some of them offer competitive rates on passport pics to  expand their biz.  Doesn't hurt to call and ask.


5. Passport Photo Apps and Online Services:

Nowadays, you don't even need to leave your home to take a passport photo, thanks to new apps and websites where you can take a picture, check it for compliance with all the rules and print it at home or send it by mail - online passport photo is a good and most convenient option that makes the process smooth and headache-free, ensuring that the photo meets the state standards. 


6. Universities:

If you're a student or live near a college many campus photography shops offer discounted passport pics, especially when study abroad programs are being promoted and stuff and.


7. DIY (Do It Yourself):

if you trust your photography skills, you can take your own passport photo.  The State Departments website gives guidelines on how to take a legit pic.  You'll need a digital camera or a smartphone, a plain white or off-white background and solid lighting.  Once you take it, print it at home or at a local print shop. 


Tips for a Good Passport Photo:

- Background should be basic white or off-white without shadows.

- Face should be neutral, not smiling or frowning.

- Wear normal clothes.  Avoid uniforms or anything that looks like one.

- If you wear glasses daily, keep them on but make sure there's no glare or reflection.



Getting a passport photo doesn't need to empty your wallet.You've got choices -go old school at the pharmacy or snap one on your phone. Lots of cheap ways to get a pic that the passport office will take.  Just be sure it shows your mug clearly and meets all their fussy rules and  then you're good to go for smooth sailing through the application.

  Happy trails and bon voyage!