private Safari Camp for Sale in Tsavo National Park Kenya

Private Safari Camp for Sale in Tsavo West National Park in Kenya : Savanna Dream Safari Camp


Safari Camp for Sale

Savanna Dream Safari Camp is situated just 5 mins from the entrance of National Park Tsavo West in Kenya . The Camp is owned and managed by a lady from Switzerland . The Camp just opened 1 and half years ago .

11.4 acres of Freehold land . 

Safari Camp for Sale in Kenya East Africa

At nearly 22,000 sq kms, Tsavo National Park is the largest National Park in Kenya and for administrative puposes ,it has been split into Tsavo West National Park ( 9000 sq kms) and Tsavo East National Park (11,747 sq kms),which are divided by the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.Both parks feature some excellent scenery but the undergrowth is considerably higher than in Amboseli or Masai Mara,so it takes it little more effort to spot the wildlife,particularly the big predators. 


Safari Camp in Kenya for Sale

SPECIAL  OFFER due to illness of the owner

PRICE    ONLY EURO 170000 

"Savanna Dream Safari Camp" in Tsavo West National Park

Safari Camp in Tsavo West Kenya for Sale

The landscapes in Tsavo West Natinal Park are some of the most dramatic in Kenya and the parks see comparatively few visitors,compared with the hordes who descend on Amboseli and Masai Mara .The northern half of Tsavo West is the most developed,with a number of excellent lodges and several places you can get out of your jeep or minibus and walk ,including the Mzima Springs with plenty of hippos and the Chaimu Crater.The landscape here is made of volcanic hills and sweeping expanses of savanna.This fine national park covers a huge variety of landscapes,from swamps and natural springs to rocky peaks,extinct volcanic cones and rolling plaines.It is easily the more beautiful of the two parks,but wildlife can be hard to spot because of the dense scrub.Birds are very common and there are large populations of elephants,zebras,hippos and leopards.Lions are out there but they tend to stay hidden .


Savanna Dream Safari camp for Sale

One focus in Tsavo West National Park is certainly Mzima Springs,which produces an incredible 93 million gallons of fresh water a day.The springs are the source of the bulk of Mombasa's fresh water and you can walk down to a large pool that is a favourite haunt of hippos and crocodiles.There is an underwater viewing chamber,which unfortunately just gives a view of thousands of primeval-looking fish.Be a little careful here - both hippos and crocodiles or not to be trifled with !  



Safari Camp in Tsavo West Kenya for Sale

Lake Jipe in Tasvo West National Park in Kenya is meeting point for all animals in the area as the biggest water source in the area . "Savanna Dream Safari Camp" is situated just 5 mins from Lake Jipe .Lake Jipe( pronounced ji-pay) at the southwest end of the park,is reached by a desperately dusty track from near Taveta . You can hire boats to take your hippo and crcodile spotting on the lake . Huge herds of elephants come to the lake to drink and large flocks of migratory birds stop here from February to May .

Safari Camp Tsavo West for Sale


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