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We are consulting people who like to invest in Kenya and Diani Beach : Real Estate - selling and buying private and commercial properties - small businesses - visas - workpermission - business licence - accountants - lawyers -insurance - loans - etc

Our service aims to assist especially small scale business -inexpensive and honest reliable service - we introduce you to the right people - whether you want to buy a hotel or a small holiday house - whether you want to open a small bar/restaurant or you want to export/import vegetables - we are the right people to talk to with now more than 6 years experience - I will personally promise your success and if we cannot: we will not take on the job -   for any questions !

To promote tourism and small business in Kenya and Diani Beach we offer now a FREE standard advertisement on the internet for   everybody(that includes https://dianibeach.co.uk/soulmates.htm ): this includes one picture , a brief description of your business,your contacts :email.mobile,address,etc and also a FREE link to your homepage (if you have one )     or visit https://dianibeach.co.uk/advertise.htm

Do you want your own website ?

If your business  is related to Kenya we offer to host and design your own website for a price which is affordable for African small business : ONLY 100 per year !

This will include :

your own domain name - webhosting - webdesign - unlimited text - unlimited photos - email - manual submission to all major search engines - links to your business partners - etc   or visit https://dianibeach.co.uk/advertise.htm for further questions .










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