Car Hire in Diani Beach Kenya

Car rental in Kenya is expensive by international standards .This applies very much to car hire in almost every African country.This has various reasons: First of all there is a heavy import tax to all cars and spare parts and many African countries do not have the facilities to produce or manifacture their own cars and spare parts. Secondly cars are expensive to maintain : the climate and the condition of the roads are rough and cars get worn out very quickly . If you visit Kenya as a touris t for a limited period of time and you want to rent a car I advice you to use one of the established car rental companies in Kenya . They often provide a driver as well who is familar with the local area.The cars are well maintained and save , means eg the breaks are working and the car rental fees do include an insurance, also you can be sure the car is not stolen and legally imported .On this car rental website you can find one of the best and cheapest car rental companies who operate in Kenya and worldwide .

Your second option is to rent privately a car .Private car hire in Kenya is certainly much cheaper but it has its risks .First of all you need to make sure you deal with the legal owner of the car, check that there are proper papers , car insurance documents,etc. Then you have to check that the car is in reasonable good conditions and has some basic tools  and spare parts on board . Believe me , it is no fun to get stuck in the middle of the night somewhere in the African bush or even on one of the main roads . That can be very dangerous because of wild animals and even more dangereous since some humans might attack you as well !  Besides , it is not allowed to stay in National Park in Kenya during the night with your car , other than Lodges and Camping sites .


Car Rental in Kenya

Hiring a vehicle to tour Kenya or at least the National Parks is an expensive way of seeing the country,but it does give you freedom of movement and it is sometimes the only way of getting to the more remote parts of the country.However,unless you are sharing with several people ,it is likely to cost more than you would pay for an organised camping safari with all meals.Unless you are just planning on travelling on the main roads between towns,you will need a 4WD vehicle.None of the 2WD companies will let you drive 2WD vehicles on dirt roads,including those in the National Parks,and if you ignore this procription and have an accident you will be personally liable for any damage to the vehicle.An international driving licence or your own national driving licence is a standard requirement.Some companies stipulate a minimum age of 23 but,with others it is 25.Some companies prefer a licence with no endorsements or criminal convictions,and most require you to have been driving for at least two years.You will also need acceptable ID such as a passport.It is generally true to say the more you pay for a vehicle,the better condition it will be in.The larger companies are usually in a better financial position to keep their fleet in good order.Whoever you hire from,be sure to check the breaks,the tyres including the spare,the windscreen wipers and the lights before you set off.The other factor is what the company will do for you if you have a serious breakdown.The major rental companies may deliver a replacement vehicle and make arrangementsfor recovery of the other vehicle at their expense,but with most companies you will have to get the vehicle fixed and back on the road,and then try and claim a refund which can be difficult.

Driving your private vehicle in Kenya

Many travellers bring their own vehicles into Kenya as part of overland trips and,expense not withstanding,it is a great way to see Kenya at your own pace.Otherwise there are numerous car hire companies who can rent you anything from a small hatchback to Toyata Landcruiser 4WD,although car hire rates are some of the highest in the world.If you bring your own vehicle to Kenya you should be given a free three-month permit at the border on entry,so long as you have a valid carnet for it.If you do not have a carnet you should be able to get a free one-week permit at the border,which can be extended.Get in touch with the Automobile Association of Kenya,in the Hurlingham Shopping Centre in Nairobi ,to check the latest requirements.Foreign registered vehicles with a seating capacity of more than six people are not allowed into Kenyan National Parks.Jeeps should be fine ,but VW Kombis and other camper vans may have problems. 






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