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The Kenya Travel Guide has now partnered with Free Kenya Classifieds .job seekers and employers can put their job ads for free .

For job seekers : Please go to Free Kenya Classifieds , then click on "employment" , then click on "jobs wanted" . You can then publish your ad completely for free. You should include a short CV and clearly state what kind of job or work your are looking for . You can upload up to four photos. Present your skills and yourself  nicely and professional and do not forget to provide sufficient contact information . You can also link to your own homepage if you have one.Potential employers can then contact you directly .

For employers : Please go to Free Kenya Classifieds , then click on "employment" , then click on "job offers" . You can publish you job offer completely for free . Please include a detailed job description and salary .You should briefly present your company or business. You can provide a link to your own webpage if appropriate and publish up to four photos .Job seekers and workers can then forward their application direct to you .

Advice for visitors and foreigners looking for work in Kenya

It is difficult,though by no means impossible for foreigners to find jobs.The most likely areas in which employment might be found are in the Safari business,teaching,advertising and journalism but,except for teaching,it is unlikely you will see them advertised and the only way you will find out about them is to spend a lot of time getting to know resident expatriates.You will also need to be able to prove that you have the relevant experience and qualifications in the field.Basically the rule of thumb is that if an African can do the job,there is no need to hire a mzungu(white person).The most fruitful area in which to look for work,assuming you have had some experience and have the relevant skills,is the "disaster industry".Nairobi is awash with the United Nations and other aid agencies serving the famines in Somalia and Southern Sudan,and the refugee camps along the Kenyan border with those countries,and the relief efforts in Rwanda. But remember that the work is tough,often dangerous and the pay low.To find such work you would,again,have to spend a lot of time getting to know the expatriates involved in this.Freelance work in the fields of journalism,literature and the film industry is also possible but,if you get involved in this,make sure you have a cast-iron contract for the work which you do.Too many people neglect to do this,go ahead on a kiss and a promise,do not get paid and see their work ripped off or shelved and end up tearing their hair out.Work permits and resident visas are not the easiest of things to arrange either.A prospective employer may be able to arrange them relatively painlessly but,usually,you find yourself spending a lot of time and money at the Immigration Department at Nyayo House in Nairobi.Unless you have lined up a job or voluntary work before leaving for Kenya,you have little chance of getting employment.Wages are extremely low and there is serious unemployment in the towns.Particular skills are sometimes in demand,mechanics at game park lodges for example,but the employer will need good connections to arrange the required papers.It is illegal to obtain income in Kenya,or even unpaid voluntary work,while staying on a visitor's pass. Do NOT work or start a business in Kenya without having the necessary work permission and papers , people have been ending up in deep serious troubles with Kenyan Officials.back to the top 

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