. is a private project based in London,UK .It aims to became the best independend online travel guide on the web for Kenya,Diani Beach and East Africa .This website actively supports tourism and especially ecotourism to Kenya,Diani Beach and East Africa .It offers free advertisement for small business, real estate and tourism : free internet promotion and internet marketing,free website hosting and design,regularly manual submission to all relevant searchengines and directories,free links to webquality pages relating to Kenya or East Africa. Information for tourists and free Consulting for small and middle scale investors. It is a small contribution to fight poverty and corruption in Africa .This website helps already many Kenyans who would be unemployed otherwise. 



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Karl Gundrum,UK                    website : Private Holiday House to rent in Diani Beach Kenya East Africa



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This website aims to become the best independend online travelguide to Diani Beach,Kenya and East Africa

This website actively supports and promotes ecotourism and small businesses in Diani Beach,Kenya and East Africa

FREE listings for tour operators and small businesses in Diani Beach,Kenya and East Africa

 LOW COST Consulting for small and middle scale investors to Diani Beach,Kenya and East Africa

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