Kenyan Embassies Abroad - Foreign Embassiess in Kenya

Visas and visitor's passes

Check that your passport will remain valid for at least six months beyond the end of the end of the year your projected stay in Kenya,and ensure it has plenty of spare pages for stamps if travelling further afield in Africa. Nationals of the United Kingdom,USA,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,South Africa,all EU countries and Japan all need visas to visit Kenya.Requirements change however,and you should always check in advance with a Kenyan Embassy,Consulate or High Commission to confirm the current situation.Visas can be obtained in advance from any Kenya Embassy,Consulate or High Commission and sometimes from a British Embassy in countries where Kenya has no diplomatic representation.Visas normally take 24-48 hours to process,require two passport size photos and usually an air ticket out of the region,not just Uganda or Tanzania).This requirement is usually waived if the embassy is satisfied of your alternative arrangements or financial responsibility.A single entry visa does cost £ 35 or USD 50 and is valid for three months.It is also possible to pay in Kenyan Shillings at the Airport in Nairobi.Multiple entry visas cost roughly double that.Remember that Kenyan diplomatic missions are closed on Kenyan public holidays.Transit visas are valid for seven days and can be bought on arrival for 20 USD. Although it is possible to get a visa on arrival at the Airport it is best avoided if you are arriving at night .Although this is generally a hassle free formality,it does leave you open for potential problems caused by corrupt officials preying on your fear of being refused a visa.It also generally requires you to stand in line and can take up to one hour,so if you decide to take this option,get off the plane quickly.On arrival in Kenya you will be issued with a visitor's pass usually limiting the lenght of stay to three months,though variuos factors may determine the lenght of time granted,including your appearance,how much money you have and fortunately how long you actually want to stay.Your visa allows re-entry after visits to Uganda or Tanzania,assuming of course you have a visa for these countries.For other trips outside Kenya,you will need to reapply for a visa to get back in .It is important to remember the time limit that has been stamped on your visitor's pass when you arrive,and to renew it well in advance.You will certainly have to renew after three months.Confusion can arise if,for example,you can't decipher KVP5W/H which means "Kenya Visitor Pass 5-week-holiday",if in doubt you better ask.There have been a number of cases of travellers overstaying the limits of their visitor's passes by a few days and finding themselves invited to spend the night behind bars while a suitable fine was discussed,anything up to the equivalent of 150 USD or even more ! Extensions to visitor's passes can be done at the immigration offices in Nairobi,Mombasa,Lamu or Kisumu.You can only renew your pass for a further three months ,giving a six months maximum stay in all,after which you have to leave East Africa. 



Duty free allowance is one bottle of spirits or wine,and one carton of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or half a pound of tobacco.If you are stopped at the customs benches,you will be normally ask if you have any photographic equippment,video camcorders,cassete players and so on.Unless you are some kind of professional,with mountains of specialist gear,there shouldn't be any question of paying duty on personal equipment,though some customs officers like to make notes of it all in your passport to ensure it is re-exported.If you have friends in Kenya,however,and are taking presents for them,you are likely to have to pay duty if you dclare these items.Even if you have nothing to declare,corrupt customs officers may ask you for a bribe before clearing you.You can of course refuse and they usually give up on you after half an hour or so .Alternatively you can kick up a fuss.There are strict laws about wildlife products,the export of products made from elephant,rhino and sea turtle are prohibited.The collection of coral is also not allowed.Always check to see what permits are required,especially for the export of any plants,insects and shells.

Kenyan Embassies Abroad

Kenya has diplomatic representation in many countries.Where there is no Kenyan embassy or high commission,visas can be obtained from the British Embassy or high commisssion.Kenya maintains the following embassies and consulates abroad:

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